Have Confidence In Your Victory at Sunrise


The famous line from Puccini’s Turandot: All’alba vincero’..vincero’ ….VINCERO’ . Come the sunrise I will win…I will win…I WILL WIN. Resilience has to do with how well we adapt to stress and adversity. Over the course of our lifetime adversity is one thing we can count on. We will have and will face various levels of difficulties and challenges, from everyday hassles to major human loss as we live from day to day. Certain factors, however, according to the psychological research, protect us from falling apart in the face of major or repeated minor stressors.

These factors are the hallmark of human resilience:
• A positive attitude
• Staying socially active
• Having confidence in your ability to keep from crumbling, and
• A sense of spirituality
All of the above qualities rank high on the list of predicting your ability to see your darkest hours give way to a new sunrise. The good news is, that even though some of us seem to instinctively possess these personality traits, in essence, traits are no more than small regular habits that aggregate into patterns. Translation: you can develop more of these by adjusting your behaviors and thoughts when faced with a challenge.
It is not realistic to think we will never have to face stressful events, but it is very realistic to know you have the ability to pull yourself through, and continue to live a more vibrant life than ever.

Here are just a few of the ways you can make that happen.
1. Focus on the good parts of your life, and taking your focus off of your hardship—even for just small periods at a time. Doing this repeatedly or whenever you think of it, will foster the habit of a positive attitude.
2. Visiting with friends and family, as well as getting out—even when you don’t feel like it–will keep you socially active and feeling supported. Being with other people is a feel-good affirmation of LIFE.
3. Noting how you have overcome challenges in the past, serves as a reminder that will boost your confidence in your ability to get through what you are facing right now.
4. Finally, turning to your place of worship or reading sacred texts to strengthen your spirituality has been shown to mitigate some of the devastating effects of loss.

Remember that each dawn is your invitation to a beautiful new day. Acknowledge all that you love about your life right now. Join a friend for coffee. Pat yourself on the back for making it through another day. Say a prayer of gratitude for the gift of life that holds all possibility. And have confidence, that come sunrise you will be victorious over life’s difficulties.


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