The Light that Leads to Happiness

Ocean light

As SantaBella and I walked the shore this morning, the contrast of light and dark that stretched out over the Long Island Sound reminded me of the reality of our life’s journey.  The seascape of each of our lives includes dark periods of tragedy, crisis, loss, and sadness. Sometimes we feel we are being engulfed by a current and carried away into hopelessness.  But if you just shift your gaze a bit to the left, you will notice the scintillating pathway where the sunlight beckons with its bright and brilliant periods of love, faith, joy, caring, and daily celebration. My Italian cultural upbringing served as a lifelong example of how to accept the darkness as a normal “given”, but not give it greater importance than it deserved.  I learned to switch my focus when I find myself feeling overwhelmed by the vast confusion that loss and adversity can bring. I learned to take small strokes and swim back in the direction of light, where the water is once again warm, comforting, and makes me feel happy to be alive. This is where I dwell.

People ask me why I wrote “Lemons into Limoncello”. Well I wrote it for you, and for everyone who feels crippled by the changes that personal crisis can bring. These gentle and simple Italian cultural tenets helped me make my way back to passionate living in the face of difficulty. My wish is that it will help you too, and those you care about.

Remember to acknowledge your challenges with courage and strength, yet keep focused on the bright spots of your life.  Refuse to let tough times rob you of your right to be happy and fulfilled.

I am so pleased to announce that “Lemons into Limoncello: From Loss to Personal Renaissance with the Zest of Italy” (HCI Books) is now available wherever books are sold. Please visit and LIKE my new Lemons into Limoncello Facebook page. I will continue to add more and more tips on that page to help you stay strong and resist letting your challenges sentence you to a life of unhappiness. Thank you, Dear Readers.

Un abbraccio,



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