The Daily Regalo


On the road to giving a presentation on Lemons into Limoncello at Brookfield Library,  there suddenly appeared a simple, understated treasure to the side of the road. I drove right by it as I searched for a place  to  grab some coffee (cup in photo) before starting, but all the while,  I could not wipe the sign from my mind; the one that read “Grotto”, Our Lady of Lourdes.  Something drew me back to this quiet little haven, where I would pull in, park the car, and follow a short passageway to what seemed like another world. It was a modest corner of peace, cool rock, a streaming  golden sunset, and the holiness of statues that told the story of miracles. I lit a candle, and asked for mine.  As  I left that sacred alcove, I realized with clarity, that I had just been given one of the “daily regali” (daily gifts)  that I wrote about in my book Lemons. Sometimes, all it takes to receive Life’s presents is the ability to notice them, and then follow that inner voice that tells you to let the experience transform you.

I have no doubt that my miracle is on the horizon.  And I will never forget my extraordinary experience in Brookfield.


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