Amore 100: Love with “Braccia Aperte” Open Arms


Leo Buscaglia (Photo Courtesy Wikipedia.en)

We all know what if feels like to let someone go–not because you no longer love them, but because you know they have already “checked out”. It is painful, at times traumatic, and leaves a void that sucks the breath out you like a vacuum. Some cry, some plead, some vow to change, some threaten, some yell, scream, and try laying on guilt. But the bottom line that we all know as the Truth, is that Love is not something you can chain to a wall and force it to stay. Nor is it something that will re-visit us if we remain with our arms folded closed and a refusal to let it back into our lives when Il Buon Signore deems the timing to be right again.

When our hearts have been broken we must rely on what is still intact and one solid piece–the Soul. When we turn inward towards what is true and right, we realize that forcing another to stay when he/she is halfway out the door (emotionally and/or physically–its all the same) will never work. At best you might be left with a hollow shell of a person who feels pressured to stay and go through the motions, but has no semblance to the person who once loved you and whom you once loved.

.  “Good bye and I wish You Well” should be the only words on the table. And mean them from your heart.

Then open yourself up to love again, with “braccia aperte“, or open arms as the distinguished Italian American author Leo Buscaglia wrote regarding LOVE. “We must let love come and go at its own discretion, in total liberty”–for THAT is what true love is. And when its TRUE and RIGHT, it will STAY.