Dieci Regole, if you are looking for love

Renowned Italian author and psychiatrist Raffaele Morelli, believes that each DAY is a new opportunity to start with a clean slate. So forget the past, give up any bitterness or regrets, and consider THIS day the day you start anew, with an open heart and a willingness to LOVE.

Here are some tips from the work of Silvano Arieti, MD, Pisa-born psychiatrist, and his son, James from their book “Love Can Be Found”.

1. Overcome personal fears.

2. Believe in your self-worth and dignity.

3. Expose yourself to the kind of settings that are filled with the kind of person you seek.

4. Don’t look for the impossible.

5. Don’t rush to accept or reject someone who might turn out to be right for you.

6. Ask yourself why you are often rejected, if you feel that is the case.

7. Find ways to sustain the “longing”, once you find a partner.

8. Never misrepresent yourself.

9. Don’t expect instant success.

10. Learn how to seriously commit to a relationship.

If your goal in 2015 is to have more love in your life, these tips offer a great way to fine-tune your perspective and prepare yourself for that romantic relationship you desire.


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