Mollare–let it go

Self-Portrait (photo courtesy
Da Vinci Self-Portrait (photo courtesy

All right, I admit it–I have combed through the notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci. Of all the insights I have devoured like a student at the feet of a great philosopher,  the one pearl of wisdom that I found stunningly beautiful is what he wrote about how to live. This advice is especially poignant if you are getting over a break up, or have lost an important person in your life.

The water you touch in a river is the last of that which has passed, and the first of that which is coming. Thus it is with time present. Life, if well-spent, is long.

When someone you loved is no longer in your life, you have two choices: You can spend the rest of your days looking over your shoulder and sobbing at the part of the river that has already flowed past, or you can immerse yourself into the world of the present–where every moment, every thought, every beat of your heart holds new wonder and possibility. The glistening of the snow, the buzz of the honey bee on the tail of a warm breeze, the smile of a stranger, who just might turn out to be “the one”. Life can hold a surprise at any given moment. Don’t be the one who misses it, because of your longing for what is no longer your reality. “Be here now”, and keep your heart open to love.


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