La Felicita’ E’ Qui…Yes it is.


I love the work of Italian psychiatrist Raffaele Morelli. Mostly, because he reminds us that all we need to do when we are feeling ____________(bad, guilty, embarrassed, remorseful, sad, nostalgic, fearful, worried—fill in the blank with any negative emotion that overpowers you), is keep to the moment at hand, and let the rest fade away. When we are ruminating over a trauma from the past, or feeling trepidation about something that is coming up tomorrow or the day after, or the  month after—we are robbing ourselves of the time we were given today.  Time is the only commodity we cannot invest and make multiply. Make the present really count. Savor the hell out of it. The Ancient Roman philosophers believed that life is only too short when we live distracted. Don’t worry about the past or the future. Take that weight off of your shoulders and feel the lightness of il dolce fare niente right NOW. Find peace and happiness in THIS moment in which you sit back in the armchair and sip that fragrant camomile tea as the last stripe of afternoon light warms your face (Zia Bettina in Calabria made a magical steaming golden liquid from fresh camomile flowers).  La Felicita’ e’ Qui. It is the moment your two little pups put their furry heads  against each other and look up into your eyes waiting for a little surprise treat. It is when you put that last dish away after having made a great meal for your friends. It is the instant in which you look far up into the endless blue sky and hear yourself saying “Isn’t it great to be ALIVE?!”


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