Don’t Spend Your Money on Ageism

Old bench
Ever notice how birthday greeting cards for young people offer encouragement and congratulations, while greeting cards–and even party favors– for older adults, in an attempt to be humorous, play into seemingly light-hearted–yet far from innocuous– AGEIST stereotypes?
Here is a reason to boycott products that poke fun of baby boomers as being “over-the-hill”, riddled with physical decline,sagging body parts, lack of bladder control , etc.
These ageist messages not only reinforce how society should think and relate to those who are over 50, but there is also research indicating they can have a harmful emotional–and physical– effect on older adults themselves, who eventually will begin to believe and act upon these false and negative assumptions about how “dreadful” it is to grow older.
DON’T SPEND YOUR MONEY IN SUPPORT OF AGEISM. When purchasing birthday cards or buying party favors–or even wishing someone a happy birthday –make sure you are sending a message that reflects how valued that person is, and how fabulous it is that they are on this earth, and still making a positive difference in the world.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Spend Your Money on Ageism

  1. I think I’ll ask my friends if these type of cards or jokes bother them. I find them amusing and never take it seriously as directed at me. Anecdotally, I think the most bothered people by age cards was about turning 40 as if youth ended there.

  2. Great point Raeleen!
    We are all as young as we feel.
    Here something we can say to ourselves and everyone everyday.
    Here’s wishing you more happiness than all my words can tell, not only for today and yet all the year as well!
    To step our spirits one notch further up we can include this positive self talk which says.
    You are an exceptional human being. Your goals and your incredible belief in yourself turn your goal into reality. You have the power to live your dreams. And that belief is so strong that there is nothing that diminishes your undefeatable spirit!
    Now that’s a salutation worthy of anyone’s day
    Long live you and your positive thoughts!

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