What NOT to Ignore if You Want to Be Happy

CaseyFlowersAs I write in “Aging Happy”, ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to ignoring the beauty around us. On the other hand there is plenty of evidence that SAVORING the small pleasures of life increases our sense of well-being. No more gulping down meals without tasting them; no more walking past the dog that bounds to the door to greet you when you come home; no more failing to enjoy the fragrance of the flowers as you walk past them; no more “multitasking” that keeps you from consiously registering the real treasures this life affords you. So what are the gifts that YOU are going to intentially savor today? Happiness can be as simple as what you decide to focus on.

One thought on “What NOT to Ignore if You Want to Be Happy

  1. Yes, this is so right. It’s all about control—control of your own mindset and sense of well-being. Buddhist philosophy tells us that life equals suffering, but what the underlying (and often overlooked) meaning of that is that we are usually the source of our own suffering. When we worry about the unlikely, or are fearful of imagined attacks or catastrophes, we are causing our own suffering. By turning that on its head, we can, thus, be responsible for our own happiness as well, precisely as Dr. Mautner instructs in this entry. 🙂

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