Expecting the Best–And Getting It!

My little Bella just loves to prop herself on the window sill and wait with kid-like excitment for so many wonderful things to happen! After all, a neighborhood dog could pass by any minute, or a squirrel could be flitting up and down the tall tree trunk outside–maybe even a cat could dash by. In Bella’s mind (if I may anthropomorphisize), an endless possiblitiy of good things could happen at a moment’s notice! In his classic best-selling book THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING, Norman Vincent Peale dedicated a whole chapter to “Expecting the Best–And Getting It”. When you approach the day with dread and negativity, he believed you actually repel the good things that could potentially happen for you. Your challenge for today: No matter what obstacles you run into, stay focused on the positive, and expect wonderful things. Comment below and let me know if your mindset makes a difference. xoxox . Window watching

One thought on “Expecting the Best–And Getting It!

  1. We could replace Bela with Willow and expect same..I read Peal in m Sr year high school when I was feeling low.. it was a great help! Expect the best and you will get it… Thanks for the reminder… Fran

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