Inner Wisdom: Your Template for a Happy Life

ancient roman

Social feedback theory reminds us that our nature leads us to look to others for feedback and ideas. How many times have you headed straight to family or friends –or even a therapist—to run a situation by them, or get their advice? Often we get some very valuable insights into ourselves from those around us. They may open our minds up as to what options we have available when we face a challenge. Sometimes others can offer comforting words and a feeling of solidarity when we are healing from a broken heart.  They validate our accomplishments when we are doing well, and hopefully offer constructive criticism that allows us to do better when something goes wrong.

But let’s face it: While it’s important to keep an open mind and consider the perspectives of others; the only one who actually makes the choices and decisions about your life—is YOU.  Deep inside, we can all feel what actions, thoughts, and situations will keep us on the road to a happy daily existence.  Yet often, we don’t trust ourselves to know what is best for us. We ignore or discount the very gift that can consistently guide us to satisfying life—our own inner WISDOM.

When all is said and done, you know yourself better than anyone else. You have been the protagonist of your own life since you first began to think for yourself. Yet even when you know what to do, you look to others to tellyou what to do—as if your own perspective on YOU is the least valuable of all!

In Letters from a Stoic, the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca, wrote:

..Wisdom’s course is toward the state of happiness; thither she guides us, thither she opens the way for us. […]She bestows upon us a greatness, which is substantial, but she represses the greatness which is inflated and showy but filled with emptiness; and she does not permit us to be ignorant of the difference.”

Sometimes it takes practice to be able to “hear” your inner wisdom, especially if you have been used to ignoring it habitually. The solution—- is to keep strengthening it! While it is true that often wisdom develops with age, experience and learning, you can also develop wisdom as you would any muscle in your body—by USING IT. Start small by making daily decisions yourself without asking anyone else what you should do (What should I make for dinner? What color shirt should I buy? How should I respond to this email I got from an ex?). Accept the outcomes of your decisions and learn from themas you move forward.

Rest assured; you have a unique gift of wisdom inside of you. Feed it, water it, and give it the respect it deserves. Let it see light of day and it will provide you with the most magnificent template to guide you to your best life ever.


As always, I thank you, Dear Readers, for taking time out of your day to read my articles. Soon, I will have a YouTube channel ready for you–and I hope you will follow me there.



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