Project Happiness: A Practical Guide to Everyday Contentment


I believe that no matter what the challenges of life, we still have many things to be grateful for (e.g., not everyone even has the chance to still be on the planet). A lasting sense of contentment comes from a combination of two things:

  1. Keeping your state of mind positive;  and
  2. Taking specific actions that will make you feel good about yourself, your surroundings, and your life.

My book “PROJECT HAPPINESS: A Practical Guide to Everyday Contentment“will be published by Linden Press this coming October 2020, and I am so excited to bring it to you!  I had originally intended to write a book for the over 50 reader, but the information I share in Project Happiness is so universal, we thought it would not be fair to limit our target readership to one category. Why? Because no matter what stage of life we are in, we come across difficult moments that sometimes make us think we will never feel good about our lives again. NOT TRUE.  The articles on this site, and on my Project Happiness FaceBook page, will help to give you ideas and suggestions to help you change patterns that no longer serve you, and implement actions that will afford you more joy. I will also be starting a YouTube channel, where I offer tips, suggestions and ideas, that just might make a positive difference in your life.


I welcome your ideas and thoughts! Just let me know what topics are important to you as we embark on this exciting journey together.

PROJECT HAPPINESS, available this coming October 2020 is my personal blueprint for making life a celebration.


7 thoughts on “Project Happiness: A Practical Guide to Everyday Contentment

  1. I’m loving your book lemons to limoncello. Bringing me back to roots and awareness of the present ! Thank you. Can’t wait for your new book. Mille grazie

  2. What a wonderful article about getting older – as you said a blessing – but only if we see it that way – but books like yours will awaken us I am sure – may I mention that I wrote a book on the same subject Living Longer Living Well
    But you are far ahead of me – you wrote so many books already – best wishes Brigitte

      1. I like the word mission – because that’s what it is – if we don’t change peoples mind – young and old – the older generation will be seen as another species put over there
        thank you for checking out my book – Amazon of course – where else?

  3. I wish you the best of good health, joy and good luck to continue your wonderful journey in your life!
    i would love to join you in the interest of creating a community where elderly could utilize their skills and contribute to the community to support their peers and make their lives interesting and productive. I feel sad when I see so many women that have a lot to contribute but instead they stay home and feel depressed due to many reason but one is the thinking that they are burden to their families or to the community. I would dream of having a community where the elderly could contribute their skills and knowledge to others and feel productive instead of going to nursing homes were they are not giving any opportunities to be independent and contribute their wisdom and share their skills to benefit others. I feel very sad that we don’t have the respect for the elderly in our society and offer them support and love they deserve.

    1. Love your insight, Maria. Thank you for causing us all to reflect. I think we can all make a difference in busting through the stereotypes, and valuing individuals for who they are–at any age. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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