About Dr. Mautner

Photo Courtesy: Record Journal doing a story on my radio show “The Art of Living Well” on WNHU

Raeleen holds a Ph.D. in Educational/Cognitive Psychology. Having taught Psychology (including Lifespan/Developmental) to university students for over 25 years, she became passionate about teaching global audiences how to apply positive psychology principles to enrich their lives; which she has since then done through her writing and speaking events.  She has authored three books (currently working on her 4th), written numerous articles, produced and hosted a 7-year long radio show; and wrote two newspaper advice columns. Her work has been cited in major publications, such as Family Circle, First for Women, Seventeen, and Weight Watchers. Raeleen has been interviewed for numerous publications and on radio and TV for her expertise in improving body image, reducing stress, building personal resilience, adopting habits that lead to happiness and well-being, losing weight, and communicating more effectively. In other words, the psychology of well-being.

In addition to her writing and public speaking, Raeleen has worked in the field of research at both Yale University and the CT VA Healthcare System for the past several years. She has delivered presentations at the Yale University School of Medicine’s Program on Aging; The Yale-China Mayor’s Association, The RISTA heart study at Yale University, OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute; AIDA(American Italian Defense Association) in Chicago, IL; La Feltrinelli Bookstore in Rome, Italy, RJ Julia; and several OSIA and UNICO chapters throughout CT and NJ.  She has appeared on the A&E Chanel with journalist Perri Peltz, and written articles for Psychology Today, the Chicago Tribune, The Italian Tribune, eDiets.com, and Quirks Market Research.

STAY TUNED for  her upcoming book :PROJECT HAPPINESS: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO EVERYDAY CONTENTMENT,  coming out by Linden Press this coming November 1st)

In following her own artistic passions, she acts professionally and was voted
“Best CT Actress in a Musical 2017” on Broadwayworld.com for her work as “Nonni” in Pantochino Production’s “Nonni Cimino’s Kitchen”. She currently also sings with fellow musicians Aldo and Dino Signorello in their  Italian Dance Band called Enteprise (www.facebook.com/Enterprise-Live-Music) . We play all kinds of dance music from ballroom to disco, salsa, twist and more–in Italian and English (and yes, even a little Spanish!).


Dr. Mautner addressing the Yale-China Mayors’ Association at Yale University

One thought on “About Dr. Mautner

  1. Dear Mautner,

    Greetings from Chronic Diseases 2018!

    Pulsus Group is an internationally renowned medical peer-review publisher and conferences organizer. With a legacy of 30 years of excellence in Medical Publishing and with a support of various societies, we are currently organizing, “2nd International conference on Chronic Diseases” scheduled during July 16-17, 2018 at Berlin, Germany with a theme of “Promote, Prevent, Treat & Care”.

    For more details please visit https://chronicdiseases.cmesociety.com/

    By considering your research interest and expertise, we would like to invite you for the conference as a speaker.

    Best Regards,
    Adriana Johnson | Program Manager
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