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My audiences tell me I don’t just “speak” to them; I inspire them.  That is exactly what I hope I am doing. I have been teaching and speaking for over 30 years, both in the US and abroad, to audiences and students of all ages. I know that most people don’t pour through the behavioral science journals to see what the research says about making life happier. The majority of people outside the academic world, would probably even struggle with figuring out what all the scientific and statistical terms even stand for!

No one’s life is perfect, and nor will it ever be. Yes, there are times when seeing a good therapist can make all the difference, when you feel stuck or so sad that your life seems unbearable. But for the majority of people, self-help materials, if based on scientific foundation and if delivered well via book or oral presentation, can have a powerful effect on our well-being.

I do devour the behavioral science research and break it down for those who may never had a psychology course, or even heard of the word psychology. My readers and audiences are just people who want to discover new ways to live with more confidence, fulfillment, and joy.

If you need a dynamic speaker at your next event, feel free to drop an email request for pricing and availability.

General themes emphasize self-help strategies for building motivation, increasing positive body image, stress-reduction, the challenges of aging, Ancient Roman Principles for living well, effective communication, how to give a great speech, and building self-confidence. Of course, topics are customized to audience needs.


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Feedback  from Dr. Mautner’s Presentations:

Dear Dr. Mautner,

I wanted to tell you that when you gave presentations to my LIFE Study research group at Yale University, everyone remarked on how they loved you! You are so powerful in the way you explain things, making everyone feel they could apply what you said to everyday life.

JB, Research Interventionist, Yale University


From Greenwich CT Singles Club

Dear Raeleen

 This was such an inspirational evening for me to have met you and listened to your beautiful Italian words of wisdom.  So many challenges arise in our lives especially as we get older and each day as we find ourselves facing the loneliness of losing the most precious people in our lives……The ones who truly loved and protected us beyond belief. Member of Greenwich Singles Club

 Meeting with you was as if I had connected with a member of my family. When I arrived home last night I started to read your book……you are a lady of substance with humility and class. Member of Greenwich Singles Club

On behalf of all of us in the Greenwich Club for Singles, I want to congratulate and thank you for giving us such a splendid program last night.  You are a superb speaker with a very valuable message for all of us carry with us long into the future.  I am looking forward to reading your “La Dolce Vita” book for more inspiring ideas to live by.  One thing I’ve noticed about women as they get older, is how critical and negative we allow ourselves to become.  I don’t think we hear just how unhappy we sound to those who have to listen to our conversation.  Thanks for reminding us that there are better ways to live each day, even in this very challenging time.  —Phyllis Sattar, president, GCS

From my students at OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute at UConn Waterbury CT

Enjoyed this class immensely. Wonderful class! Wonderful presenter!

Just thinking about this class makes me feel happy ! It was so delightful that the class hated to see it come to an end. I’ve never been to Italy, but now I really want to visit there !

I am trying to live the “sweet life” thanks to this exciting course!! Brava!

Dr. Mautner was not only prepared – she was so INTO the material and the ambiance that it was catching!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it- and I think the others would agree.

We loved this course. Raeleen was so much fun and her background made this course a true learning experience. Our only regret is that 4 weeks were not enough. Raeleen has so much knowledge to share that this course could easily run 6 to 8 weeks. We hate to see it end. A real joy to be part of it.

From manager of IAM Bookstore Boston MA 

Your presentation so deeply touches a chord with all of us. Please please bring your talk to Public television. We need it!–Lisa Ricci, Store Manager

 Anonymous Evaluations from library and book talk feedback forms:

When you spoke tonight, it was just what I needed to hear to get through my crisis. I feel recharged.”

“You are an amazing, inspiring speaker. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to your public.”

“Your behavioral coaching as led me to reach goals which I never thought I could.”

“An amazing presentation. Dr. Mautner had an unforgettable way of inspiring.”

“She is compassionate, funny, and intelligent! Her talk was exquisite!”

“She captures her audience and draws them in, like she is talking to each individual over a cup of coffee in her kitchen.”

“Dr. Mautner really gets it. I felt as if she was talking about my story, without my having to say a word.”

“I could listen to her speak forever. As generous as she is with her time, I still didn’t want her to stop!”

Amazing! Joy from sorrow.”

The presentation was excellent. Motivational and very insightful Thank you for the walk down memory lane!”

Elegant, warm, and loving presentation”

Wonderful and inspiring! Brought back memories of the important things in life.”

Raeleen is so personable. She gives everyone hope and comfort. Thank you!”

A fabulous talk and window into my heritage.”

You were wonderful. You reinforced everything I feel everyday! I feel as though I’ve known you all of my life.”

I wanted to cry–you gave me hope. Thank you!”

Just as with Trevi Fountain, I hope to experience your beauty again in the future.”


 CEAP/Employee & Family Resources Program at Yale

“I cannot thank you enough for your very superb presentation to our CT EAPA Chapter.  You’re talk was so enthusiastically received by all in attendance.  Many of our members told me they thought it was the best we’ve had in years and also very inspiring and  motivational! I found your presentation very meaningful both personally and professionally and found the concepts in your 4 phases to be very relevant to some of the work we are doing in caring for the caregiver in healthcare. —George “Bud” Wassell, MS, LPC, CEAP Coordinator, Employee & Family Resources (EFR) program Yale New Haven Health System